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This is Sassy. She is a German Shepherd Dog of the black variety. Her line was bred to keep wolves away from sheep and to keep sheep in their place.

Sassy doesn't have any sheep to herd. She has tried -- with varying degrees of success -- to herd these:

Her attempts have been frustrating for all concerned.

However, she recently found a herd that would respond to her commands. Quite by chance, while stopped at a red light at the west end of the Sellwood Bridge, we came upon ---

Yes, deer! Ruminants! A shepherd's delight! And they were more than willing to heed the stentorian commands she issued from the back seat of our car.

First they went this way ---

And then they went that!

By the time we drove away, the poor mum was considering dashing across the street.

Fortunately, the stoplight changed, and we were able to remove the Supreme Commander, er, German Shepherd Dog, before deer interfaced with car.

All in a day's work for a GSD!

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