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We Believe that Classic Portrait Lighting is Always in Style

Light is essential to art. From paint to pixels, classic portrait lighting hasn't changed in centuries.


Both of the photos above feature portraits lit only by natural daylight. The one of the young girl was painted by Johannes Vermeer in 1665. The photo of the aged woman was taken in our studio with a DSLR camera in March, 2018.


Classics never grow old.  

And Portraits are Only the Beginning ...

We are two expert  photographers, each with specialties, but well able to assist each other on projects.


Craig began his photographic career as a reporter. He prefers to catch the action so he likes to photograph

  • Events: public celebrations, weddings, sports

  • People in the context of activity

  • Landscapes, especially where there is motion, like running water

  • Mechanical and architecturally interesting structures

Sherry's education is in classical art. She likes to catch the mood, so loves to photograph


  • People, especially in natural light

  • Little things in detail like flowers and insects

  • Still life shots

  • Outdoor scenes, especially where there is light and shadow

Yet our interests overlap broadly. Craig likes to photograph roses while Sherry like to capture birds in flight. Our skills complement each other, making us an unbeatable team.

Both of us like to catch the drama of life and that allows us to offer our clients a wide variety of services:

  • Event photography

  • Portraits and general photography for your business

  • Family portraits, casual and formal

  • Printed Art for your home and office

  • JPG's for your projects

Please contact us for more information.

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