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I've loved art for as long as I can remember. Long before I picked up my first DSLR camera, the  nuns taught me perspective and composition, as well as art history and appreciation that was injected into virtually every subject. The Old Masters' use of light led me to portraiture: I particularly enjoy using natural light. 

Thanks to Craig's insistence that I get a comprehensive education in photography I completed the New York Institute of Photography's Professional Photography course in 2018. What a remarkable experience!

Now every day is about the joy of creating. 


I started with a Brownie. Then a Polarioid Land. Eventually moved up to a blunderbuss F-5 film camera and have now stumbled into megapixel Nirvana. What a ride!

I've lived in Portland this time for nine years, after 10 in L.A., and 45 years in broadcasting. My first stop in Portland, coming from Canada, was in 1965 as one of the original KISN good guys. It only took me 48 years to get back to Portland. Radio 91-derful has faded to a memory. So far, I haven't!

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