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It's Standing STILL LIFE

This section is devoted to things that don't move: buildings, monuments, trees, food. Click on the picture to your right and you'll find statuary, buildings, and monuments. This page features the living or formerly living!

Thought Provoking ---

Natural still life images that evoke mood.

The Seasons in the Kitchen

Sherry captured the six images as each season cast its light through our kitchen window.  Printed on canvas, they are spectacular.

Warm Summer

Click here to purchase the Seasons in the Kitchen on 8"X12" canvas at $75 each.

The Bright Cold Light of Spring

Golden Fall 

Cauliflower 1 08112020-2713.JPG

Spring Cauliflower

Winter's Light

You can buy our prints on matte, glossy, or metallic paper. We can even have shots printed on metal or ceramic tile for that individualistic backsplash!

Mushrooms (1 of 1).JPG

Winter Mushrooms

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