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Welcome to the Aviary

Let Os-prey !!

Osprey migrate to Oregon in the Spring. They lay a clutch in April and are gone again in September. This pair has provided several seasons of insight into partnering and parenting.

Herons and Egrets

Great Blue Heron at Chinook Landing 0619
Heron2 08022020-2050.JPG
11212021 (1 of 1)-10.JPG
11212021 (1 of 1)-7.JPG
11162021 (1 of 1)-12.JPG


Ducks are interesting to contemplate. They seem serene yet cagey as they go about their business of mating and raising their young.


This VULTURE left his lunch to pose for us. He's saying, "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille." Note that you can see through his nose!

This adult BALD EAGLE perched high, enjoying the early morning sunshine!


A JUVENILE BALD EAGLE watches in the winter rain.

All Gull is Divided into Three Parts -- Or Maybe Six?

Majestic Gull
Got Anymore Cake?
Gull in Evening Light
Throw Out the Flaps!
I Know I Dropped it Somewhere ---

The Tenth Letter of the Alphabet - Can You Say Jay?

Neither Last nor Least -- Geese

Click on any picture to view but when the first picture opens, click on the expansion arrows in the upper left to get an eyeful!


Cranes - Gawky but Graceful!


They are almost primitive in their  strength, like a creature you would find in a less settled area than Woodland, WA!

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