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The Eagles Stayed Landed but the Scenery was Great!

We traveled to The Dalles Dam twice this week to photograph the snow-birding eagles. Unfortunately, they just weren't interested in performing, perching in the trees just beyond the clear range of my lens. Fuzzy suckers!

However, nature gave us a spectacular show. Notice the fog clinging to the hills above the dam.

I love the textures of the hills in the area. The evening sun makes them look like they're upholstered with velvet.

So much going on here: Peachy evening clouds; wisps of fog; trees silhouetted against the evening sky; and, far away across the river, the crenelated hills. The path leading to the bluff is seductive.

We got just a moment of clear evening light as the clouds broke, bringing out the texture of trees, rocks, grass, even the dam!

So maybe we missed the eagles but we were immersed in beauty anyway.

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