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This is the first year that I have seen Wood Ducks. These guys are very different in appearance from the mallard we see commonly. And, they dive! then pop up somewhere entirely different from where they went under. Kind of a duck whack-a-mole.

So here is the happy leader of the pack, How do I know this? Voici' l'attitude! First, he steps up to the podium, waiting until all eyes are resting on his magnificence.

(A bit portly, isn't he? And much less magnificent than last month when he was adorned in his mating colors.)

Then, he flicks his wing tips and the players leap into action!

First the ladies and the young hurry to their places ---

Then the lesser males, red eyes aglow, slide slowly in.

All day long, back and forth, they play their parts until evening falls and everyone tucks in for the night --

Except the con-duck-tor, who remains on guard.

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1 Comment

Wow beautiful you captured it all what a talent! Love you guys!❤️💕

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