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We went looking for wood ducks. We found -- something else,

I had made two attempts to capture wood ducks on camera. Each time I ended up with a muddy mess. The male ducks are exactly the color of the pond water and faded into the back ground. I got the light wrong. I wanted one more chance. My husband was skeptical but away we went.

He was right. We didn't find wood ducks. Instead, we found --

A hunter hunched and waiting!

Although he was at closer range than usual, he wasn't terribly large. But he didn't mind us snapping while he went about his business. (Take a look at those talons!)

First he assessed the situation.

Then he shifted position just to improve his view.

Suddenly, he launched --

Sailing down toward the pond.

Alas, his hunt bore no fruit (or fish) and he departed as quickly as he had arrived.

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