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On our recent trip to Seattle we were privileged to see some types of waterfowl that we had never seen before.

This is Mr. Ringneck. He is all wet not just because it is raining but because he is a diving duck. Now you see him --

Now you don't!

But he will definitely pop up again!

Here he is with his missus; they don't look at all alike!

This little coot is also a diver. Such an odd little guy, he has the strangest, lobed feet. He's in the same family as the Rail, so he's not really a duck, just a waterfowl.

These are the Gadwalls. You will note that her coloration is quite lovely while his is, well, rather subdued. These are dabbler ducks as are mallards. The internet says they breed mostly in the prairie states but maybe they take a winter break in Washington.

Have you ever heard of a Bufflehead? I hadn't. But here he is, paddling happily on the pond.

And a closeup.

Buffleheads are small ducks that like to inhabit coastal lakes and estuaries. They often have more color on the head but the December overcast wasn't liking color.

We spent a day in the rain and met a lot of new acquaintances. We could do worse things with our time!

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