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Mini Road Trip!

A few days ago we picked up our friend Natalie - whom we haven't seen in four months - and took her on a mini road trip with us. We started up Marine Drive, where the osprey put on a pretty good show.

Then we went to Chinook Landing, where we saw people fishing ---

And another kind of fisherman:

From there we headed out to Troutdale, to the pond at Caswell Gardens where we were amused by the antics of these guys popping in and out of the water -- when they weren't basking.

And we snapped a few photos of some other pond denizens, too!

After that we headed up the Old Highway to Crown Point. This cute little six year old was taking a picture of the gorge on her grandmother's cell phone ---

And, as you can see, the gorge has changed very little recently.

We had a great day, and now you can share it with us! Bye!

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