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If you've visited our blog before, you may remember that our German Shepherd, Sassy, doesn't know that she can swim. She will rush into the river --- and rush right back out when she begins to float. Thus begins the tale of Sassy and the Ducks.

Sassy has seen ducks and geese before. She doesn't chase them or bark at them; she is just curious. So when she saw one floating in the river, she approached in her usual quiet, cautious. and oblique manner.

However, what none of us knew was that this duck has attitude!

This duck was clearly not afraid of our big, black dog. She would lure Sassy into the water, just to fly a few feet away, tempting her to follow.

The duck seemed to think it was pretty funny, judging by its silly grin!

Sassy, on the other hand, ceded defeat if not graciously.

And the duck sailed happily away to tease a dog some other day.

(Did you know that ducks could smirk?)

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