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We hang our in the Chinook Landing area a lot because it's an active wetland, beautiful in its own way: osprey, eagles, vultures, crows, ducks, geese - you name it -- live and "shop" in the abundant water and vegetation. However, only yesterday did I think to practice landscape art by documenting this seemingly unremarkable area.

Here's an idea of how it looks in late spring. Mostly a medley of greens, the landscape offers delicate tints of pink, yellow, orange, magenta and white. The sky produces a dramatic counterpoint no matter whether cloudy or bright. And I haven't seen so much water hemlock since I was a kid!

Starting from the northwest.

Then looking north.

Somewhat northeast.

To the east --- note the airplane that's doing touch and goes at the Troutdale airport --

This is a southeast shot - I really like the clouds!

And here is some flora, some complete with wild life. Mostly white, they have delicate touches of color if you look carefully.

And last but not least, one of the area's denizens I never fail to see:

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