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When last you heard from our intrepid travelers, they were wandering around the 1000 Acre Woods. But did they get out?

Well, after walking MILES, they found a pond formed by the backwash of the Sandy River. It was pretty, especially when the wind riffled the water, but not a good place for Sassy to drink.

Craig didn't want to walk the last leg of the journey past the pond and to the river.

So Sassy and I made the trip. The river was incredibly beautiful. This is the view upriver.

And this is how it looked as it flowed past Sassy and I. You can see that Sassy found an acquaintance at the river bank.

And then the view downstream as it flowed to the Columbia.

Sassy ran that quarter mile between Craig and I at least four times. And then I trudged back to where my compatriots waited.

We slogged back through the woods. Sassy kept looking at us as if to say, "What's keeping you?"

But at last we got back to the parking lot. What a beautiful view at the end of the walk!

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