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Oh, what is so rare as a day in - September? With a break in the rainstorms, we headed to Chinook Landing with our trusty dog Sassy.

We almost had the place to ourselves. There was one man fishing off the bank. He looked hopeful for a while, but reported no luck.

Here and there, fisherfolk rode their boats in the late afternoon light.

There were the usual suspects -- one gull soared overhead, while another plumped himself down to ride the waves.

While far up in the sky, we saw someone we never expected would still be here in late September --- an osprey who has not retreated to warmer, southern climes!

A police office caught a much-needed break ---

While early dry leaves paved the way.

And just around the corner, this heron enjoyed the deeper water brought on by the rains, snatching a treat from the waters, just a silhouette in the evening light.

A peace-filled break between welcome rainstorms.

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