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Along Highway 14

So when we made our two trips to The Dalles Dam last week, we returned on the Washington side, at least from The Dalles to Hood River. On our first trip we got a beautiful sunset shot of the north face of Mt. Hood from Highway 14 just above Dallesport where we could see the mountain clearly in the south. The blues emphasize that winter is still with us.

We got a last chance shot of the same place just after the light had faded.

A few days later we were back again, this time shooting toward the north and east. The fog still clung to the hills as the sun set.

Moving our eyes eastward, we caught the sunset sky. The colors were so gentle and soothing, light rippling through the dry grasses.

And here we caught the very last of the light show.

Right now in winter this country is so beautiful and green. Snow is still running off the hills. But in a few short months, these hills will resemble a lion's pelt. They will have their own beauty even in the heat of summer, but the gentle play of winter's light seems far more benevolent.

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