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And this poor little crow is feeling it!

We are really lucky. We personally don't live in an area that is today threatened by flames. But we get smoke. Everybody's smoke. For about ten years. We are equal opportunity - California, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, western Canada - even recently, Siberia! So our picture show today is about smoke, because miserable fires are raging and people are losing their lives and homes. We want to document what we can.

We have become connoisseurs of color - smoke color, that is. This picture faces east, a bit north of the fire area. Notice the smoke is a lighter gray.

When we move a little south, toward the source, the smoke takes on an apricot hue.

Taking this photo we pointed our camera directly toward the fire area. Notice the similarity to dirty orange sherbet. Also, note how grainy the soot makes the picture appear. We had soot showers today.

Rolling directly south, the color once again shifts, undoubtedly because of the action of the winds ---

Until at last we are looking west. I'm guessing that the deeper color results from stagnant air piling up against the west hills.

I can't say that these pictures are enjoyable but they do provide a photographic record of an historical event, one that we hope never recurs.

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