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It makes sense to me that if I were a bird and I wanted to catch some dinner when dinner was scarce, I'd sit in a place with the best view of the buffet and bide my time. That's what this eagle was doing. He was perched 'way high up in a snag where he could see at least three ponds and two creeks.

Even from a great distance he looks fiercely determined - or maybe he just had indigestion? Anyway, there he sat until he was unseated and away he flew.

A new king ascended the throne. Tiny by comparison but he forced out the eagle.

How fleeting is victory. The next day when I once again aimed my lens at the snag - the king is dead; long live the king!

Until he abdicated.

And set up a new throne in a smaller kingdom just across the pond.

It's just a case of "Heron today, gone tomorrow."

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