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Sometimes the quiet just fills me with joy. Craig and I visited Salish Lake and caught some scenes that are so simple they take my breath away. The quiet, the warm light--

These are two pictures of a simple cattail going to seed. My eyes see a cattail but my imagination sees millions of new cattails marching into the future endlessly. The blue of the water soothes my mind while the evening light warms me from the inside, recalling many golden evenings past. Nostalgia. The flowing stream of life ---

"Hey, here I am!" this goose seems to say. Don't we all feel like that sometimes?

The graceful curve of neck, the bright dark eye, the shimmer of water in evening light --

Even geese play hide 'n seek in the rocks --

A cozy hidey-hole for whiling away the hours --

The timeless cycle of motherhood --

A common starling, yet just look at the sheen on those feathers! Uncommonly pretty.

Social isolation provides time for observation, thought, and appreciation if we allow it. Suits me, I think.

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