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Sight-Seeing in The Dalles

As I mentioned before, my mom lived much of her young life in The Dalles. I like to joke that I have deep roots there: Mom's grandmother Suzan Sutzin Crane is buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery and her Gabel relatives right across the road in the Catholic cemetery.

These are just a couple of (well, three) shots taken of the local color in The Dalles last week.

Geese flying along the Columbia River.

The Clock Tower in the Historic District.

Over the years this building served as a courthouse, a mortuary, a jail, and the Masonic lodge.

Today it houses Clock Tower Ales.

This is the St. Peter Catholic Church that my mother attended as a girl . While it is now an historic monument, it served the Catholic community from 1898 through 1968.

Now it serves as a museum and event site.

I love the entrance. Despite the excess of red brick and red paint, it feels welcoming to me. So I focused on the entrance and left the rest of the building for others to photograph.

The Dalles is stuffed full of history and I want to visit again just to take an adult's look at this interesting town.

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