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Shoot-Out at the OK Corral

The end of Osprey season brought a little drama! We visited the nest and only one bird - the female juvenile - was present. She's the one that we saw attacked by crows as she was learning to fly.

This juvenile has just discovered that she is surrounded by crows - and she's home alone!

Low and behold, three dastardly crows appeared. One took up a position on the pole to the west.

This guy was ready to sneak in behind her ...

The other two took landed on a wire just southeast of our young lady.

while these two prepared for a frontal attack.

They slung raucous threats toward the watchful girl. Then, remembering her mother's direct way of dealing with them, got a little more watchful.

They're clearly thinking, "Okay, where is the rest of this family?"

In the end, they decided that discretion is the better form of valor and departed, leaving the young osprey resting unconcernedly.

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