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Sad Little Angel Eyes

Craig and I visited the Lone Fir Cemetery in the early hours of Saturday November 30th. When we arrived home and reviewed the photos we found a startling shot. So Tuesday morning we returned with tripod and flash so that we could verify what we think we saw.

Below are those pictures. The monument was made for a little girl who died in 1885 at about 5-1/2 years old. She is buried between her ten year old brother and her parents, all of whom had died later. The statue depicts a little girl of about five with the wings of an angel. Her little hands and feet are child-like, the curve of the cheek innocent, despite the pitting of the limestone, the lichens, and the moss.

But look at her eyes. They are piercing, and seem to follow you. And so very sad.

Closely examining the statue we found that the eyes are actually carved deeply, protecting them from the ravages of time.

Even after we had figured out why the figure has such startling eyes, the effect of those eyes peering out of that pitted baby face was unnerving.

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