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Wanna visit Wolfe Island, Ontario? There's really only one way from Kingston. That's the ferry, the Wolfe Islander III. There is no cost and it looks like this.

The ferry carries only 55 cars but can also accommodate more that 200 foot passengers. People often park on the Wolfe Island side and ferry over to shop, attend school, and go to work. People bring their bikes to Wolfe Island to cycle, leaving their cars in Kingston.

Looks big for serving an island with only 1,400 residents but when that number triples in summer, the wait for a spot on this vintage (1975) vessel can take several hours.

Still, the venue is impressive in it's own way.

And the view on either side is lovely. Kingston ---

Or Wolfe Island, Dawson's Point

Any way you look at, Wolfe Island is worth the ride!

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