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It started as a winter visit to Laurelhurst Park in Southeast Portland. It was a warmish day for winter. People were out in force.

This couple was enjoying a hot drink and conversation by the pond.

While these folks had a sit-down meal.

Lots of folks were walking dogs, but note the couple enjoying the hammock in winter.

Nonetheless, the real action was at the pond. There we found ducks that I can't even identify. I learned later that wild mallards can mate with domestic ducks with interesting results. Um, interesting is one word for some of these "lovely ducklings".

This fellow seems to have the bill of a coot but a body reminiscent of a mallard.

This duck has a very odd shape and coloration.

The head coloring and the bill remind me of a mallard but the rest of the coloration? Not so much.

These ducks are combinations of whites and grays that I have seen in pictures of domestic ducks, just not in these patterns.

Last was this crazy looking blond duck with teeth no less, and strange eye placement.

If anyone actually knows that any of these is a particular breed, I'd love to know. Please share!

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