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Landscapes that Seize my Soul

Today I was privileged to read an article in DP Review called "The Importance of Emotion in Landscape Photography" (Nigel Danson, 2/7/2020). I was taken by the content because I have always wanted to produce emotionally evocative art. The following are a handful of works that are particularly compelling to me. You may have already seen some of them, but I think they are worth a second look for their emotional content. If you are moved, or not, please let me know what you think.

This was taken at Rooster Rock on the Columbia in January, 2019. It was so cold, yet such pure light! My heart contracts every time I see this and I can't even say why. The colors entrance me and I want to walk along the banks once more, wind whipping tears from my eyes. I am energized!

I recently published this shot from the Washington side of the gorge across from The Dalles, Oregon. The evening light playing across the grass draws my heart toward the pink clouds of evening. Maybe it's genetic memory of my rancher forebears. And maybe it is my soul longing for a peaceful twilight before night falls.

This work - another evening shot -- makes my heart ache. The light is failing, the day closing. I feel that - if I follow the path -- I will leap into eternity. Just not yet. Poignant yet so beautiful.

Several times in my life doctors have informed me that I was dying. Surviving changed my view of life, and I am so incredibly grateful to have lived long enough to meet my husband and experience deep love. Before that time, I was grounded in faith with my head in the clouds. This shot makes me smile: Mt. Hood solidly grounded - with his head in the clouds!

Actually, this is favorite of my Chinese daughter-in-law. The open sky, silhouetted geese, and trees against the sunset speak of home to her.

This shot of Niagara Falls makes my eyes bug out. The sheer might of the rushing water, the translucency at the lip - I feel like I'm going over ...

A summer scape: broad sky; wide, slowing river; warm light. I want to just bask.

The storm was one of Oregon Coast's worst. The wind was so strong that I could barely stay on my feet -- look at those raindrops and enormous waves. Brutal weather, but brutal weather formed that gorgeous pine tree. Exciting, stimulating weather and a lesson to be learned, even if I'm not a tree!

More poignant light - in July! And the dunes feel almost alien in this setting. Soothing yet challenging.

Thanks for looking. I hope you were also touched by these scenes. I'd love to know what you think.

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