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The winter/spring migration seems to be over and the raptors are slowly returning. But beyond the big and flashy, there are the little birds, like this little Kingfisher. He moves so fast, it's hard to catch a glimpse let alone a photo

Notice his long beak and huge eyes - perfect for spying small prey!

Then there are the blackbirds. The male Red-Winged Blackbird is distinctive, with his wild red shoulder patch. His missus is really hard to distinguish: she has his beak but not much else.

And he can really move when he wants to.

I think this is a male Brewer's Blackbird. He has unnerving eyes!

These itty-bitty House Finches were curious while this male Tree Swallow just wanted us to leave. Now.

The Yellowlegs scooted shyly into a clump of wet grass ---

--- While a Robin announced the coming of spring,

Although the wetlands may seem empty, a discerning eye is never disappointed.

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