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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

As you probably have guessed we have enjoyed photographing the wetlands along the Columbia, particularly at Chinook Landing. That park is closed for dredging and repairs right now, but AHA! we found a way to shoot down into it from Marine Drive. So here is what we saw as December began.

Our friend, the Great Blue Heron, still lurks by the stream, waiting to strike.

Ducks still preen in the cool sunlight.

The clouds make an amazing backdrop for the nearly-bare trees.

And although the trees are nearly bare, a few denizens still lurk, and someone is still more than happy to watch them.

The sun on the trees is glorious as the evening mist arises ---

And a flock of geese fly over, seeking a evening roost.

Love and happiness abound!

As night falls.

We must never forget our blessings.

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