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For some inexplicable reason, the wood ducks at the pond at Caswell Sculpture Garden in Troutdale were incredibly colored last week. Whether due to the light or the season - or both - these guys put on a remarkable display.

See what you think. This male certainly is puttin' on the agony --

But as a couple he's even more attractive! Note the swept-back "do"!

These two youngsters haven't quite got the "look" down yet.

But they might be considered a bit better groomed than these two!

If I were feeling cruel, I'd say they could be the clowns in this parade!

Perhaps that is why they tend to sneak off into the darker places.

Or maybe wood ducks just like privacy. This male and his ladies seem to enjoy the shadows.

After all the adulation, there's absolutely nothing wrong with some down time.

He's thinking: I "wood duck" in here for a few moments of quiet.

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