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Every year, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology sponsors a bird count, just for four days. We personally had poor counting this year because, well, it is solid ice and snow out there, folks. Even though this last weekend wasn't great for birding, I'm offering a parade of birds that I have observed in the last month. Enjoy!

I took this scrub jay's picture right through my window.

This contentious-looking towhee was also in my side yard.

This cranky guy is glaring at another crow right below him who had snagged a fry ---

And this heron made quite a display from his short-hopper flight.

While this egret just sprung into the air.

The geese were on tap too. Here is a lovely lady with unusual coloring and another that seems to be molting?

Last but not least, we caught this guy hanging out over a fishing hole

Wow! That's a lot of birds. And we haven't even looked at the ducks yet!

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