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Here is series of pix to lift your heart and brighten your day!

For many years we had few song birds in our neighborhood due to the literally thousands of crows roosting at the west end of Mt. Tabor Park. Then a developer built a dozen houses in that area -- the the crows decamped. Voila'! Today I had seven robins, two thrushes and more sparrows than I could count in my garden with me while I worked and they feasted on the fruits of our labor. They grew fearless, hopping to within ten feet -- until a certain Black German Shepherd barreled through the back door to put them in their place.

They didn't stay gone for long ---

I thought this Robin looked a little grumpy. Note the feathers that kinda resemble horns?

Listening for something?

Can he hear the bugs crawling or the worms slithering?

Wish I spoke Robin!

This is a Varied Thrush, the male I think because of the darker coloration,

And I'm pretty sure that this is his mate. She is a lighter color and blends really well into the background.

And last but not least, two classics: A Robin in an apple tree --

And a Robin perched on a stone.

These last two have a painterly feel because they were shot with a different camera and lens. I like the feel of them, while admiring the clarity of the others.

Hope you enjoyed our day in the garden!

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