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Gathering the Clan

We set out to work on landscapes just to take a break from Thanksgiving preparations. We found --- geese. Lots of geese. Hundreds of geese. So here are our goosey landscapes.

Just a few aunts, uncles, cousins ---

And then there were a few more ---

And those guys were just strolling over to join these guys.

Someone walked toward them and startled them. Almost seems like a scene from The Birds. (Is Hitchcock hiding somewhere in this picture?)

They streamed across the darkening sky, assuming v-formation then circled and settled down into the field again.

It was amazing to see and to hear.

And then a few more arrived, circling to join the rest.

We were leaving the park and, as we passed the office, we witnessed a parade. The biggest goose at the front had been watching the others. When we stopped to photograph him, he decided to move this convoy out.

Finally, an autumn-scape!

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