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That's all the time it took for this fisherman to rise and resettle in a new spot. Only 15 seconds!

We were watching a family of geese when sudden movement among the reeds drew our attention. We knew it was a big wing, but at first couldn't see the bird because he blended so well into the water. Then, wow! up he rose and in just fifteen seconds moved about 20 feet from one spot to the other.

I noticed things about this heron that I hadn't before because I had never seen one from this angle. First, the blue is so intense! Then, there are those patches of coral at the bend of the wing that I had never noticed. Also, he can move his eyes a bit, which avoids moving his head and signalling the fish that he is near.

For such a big, colorful bird, he's a master at camouflage.

These shots were a pure gift. I wasn't searching for heron but there he was. What fun and what a surprise!

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