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This place is magical: perfect for any event. We frequently visit the pond to check in on its denizens and to mark the passing of the seasons.

The vegetation is showing signs of summer fatigue: the cattails are gone and the snow berries are setting fruit.

But the resident ducks are doing just fine.

One seems to dominate the scenery. That's some makeup, buddy!

We even came upon some humans for a change. This young boy, his teacher at his side and his mom looking on, prepares for a performance.

But it is the statuary that captures the eye at this season.

Voici la petite souris --

Who seems to be enjoying the story teller.

A heron enjoys the sun

While nearby, two giants prepare to take a trip. I'm glad I didn't meet this guy in the flesh!

And I can see why this guy is leaving. He couldn't find a mate!

Off they both go! Bye-bye!

Life is never boring when you keep your eyes open and at this place, with so much to see, you won't need coffee to stay alert.

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