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So far this week we have been plagued by windstorms, power outages, and severe smoke from wildfires. Here are some photos of the storm damage ...

The night of the windstorm our house shook and, oh boy, we lost our power. A couple of hours later, another window-rattling thump and good-bye tree.

But nothing being sacred, the storm vented it's wrath on the Lone Fir Cemetery. This poor tree snapped at the roots, just like ours.

From this angle you gain perspective on the mass of that tree.

This tree lost a significant chunk of itself. Here you can see the smoke hanging in the trees.

Very possibly, this tree was over-extended.

This is just the stump end of another fallen giant. By this point the smoke really distorted my cell phone camera's efforts.

We came home, glad to have a home. I don't think that these pictures are necessarily pretty but they do document a disaster.

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