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An Autumn Day at the Pond

On November 16th we finally got the chance to go again to Whitaker Pond. The area was teeming with wild waterfowl, beavers, and more. Most of these shots are impressions: the wild birds kept their distance, but the color and the light along with the wildlife made heart-wrenching vistas that I want to share.

This could be a female Ring-Necked duck!

I'm pretty sure that these are male Ring-Necked Ducks because of the head shape, eye color, and stripe across the bill. And they dive for food, they don't dabble.

From afar I caught this cormorant basking in the evening light. He had just come up from a deep dive. But this picture is really about the beauty of the day: autumn colors reflected across the water, many happy creatures, lovely light.

Plowing across the pond came this beaver. He had greens in his mouth, which made a startling contrast with the orange and brown stripes reflected off the trees.

And at the edge of the pond, he took his rest.

I first took this for a female mallard but she has no blue wing stripe that I can see. I'm not sure who she is. Any ideas out there?

I hope you enjoyed these shots. The reflected light and color, plus the shyness of the wild birds challenged me, but I hope that when you see these you will feel a little of the joy I felt just enjoying the view.

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