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The Sandy River Delta was recently incorporated into the National Park system. It is a large area - known locally as the 1000 Acre Dog Park - with many trails through both trees and fields, and access to the Sandy River. Only a few areas are closed to dogs, including the bird blind.

We spent Halloween afternoon there, then went back on the second for a better look, determined to find the river without a map! We took the scenic (read that as longer) route but the surroundings were so beautiful that we have no regrets.

So - a walk in the woods!

We saw lots of trees --

Lots of trees!

And did I happen to mention that we saw trees?

Just when we thought that we had left civilization permanently, we saw signs of life:

We saw dead trees --

And deer ferns -- and snowberries --

We found fields --

We even eventually made it to the river, but that's another story. Hey, you get the benefit of the walk without the effort; how's that for a deal?

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