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Craig and I were just driving along, minding our own business, when we saw this guy way across a marshy field. We stopped and snapped a few pictures.

Each time we shot, he did this -- or this -- or this!

He could not identify the source of that annoying clicking even though he could hear it from the equivalent of a football field away.

At first he was willing to share with the crows but in time he got a bit belligerent.

He experienced some frustration with salvaging his carrion dinner, but eventually he just tucked in.

When we got home and started processing, we found this picture, which REALLY made us wonder exactly what he was eating. Note the rib cage and skull. We were totally grossed out, but by then it was dark and there was no way we were going to pick our way through a marsh.

We reported the odd pictures to the Sheriff and sent them to him at his request. Since he didn't call back, we assume that the vertebrate was not human. Hominid? Alien? Or an unlucky buck? We'll never know.

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